Fibrinolytic and Surgical Treatment Approaches for Retinal Vein Occlusion

KEMAL TEKIN, Mehmet Yasin Teke, Merve İnanç


Retinal vein occlusion (RVO) is the second most common vascular disease after diabetic retinopathy. Although its high frequency, mechanisms underlying RVO and optimal treatment strategies are still controversial. There are various treatment modalities for retinal vein occlusion including observation, systemic treatments, intravitreal agents, laser photocoagulation, fibrinolytic treatment and surgical approaches. Despite most of the treatment strategies are directed at secondary complications of RVO that affect vision including macular edema and retinal neovascularization, some treatment options also have the ability to create a bypass around the obstructed retinal vein and to decrease the raised venous hydrostatic pressure. The aim of this review is to describe the outcomes of fibrinolytic and surgical treatment modalities for RVO.

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