OCT based analysis of RNFL thickness in normal Indian paediatric population

Bharti Nigam, Pragati Garg, Lubna Ahmad


CirrusOptical coherence tomography (OCT)  provides  high resolution cross-sectional images of retina , vitreous and optic nerve head with an axial resolution of 6 μm and a reproducibility of 1.6 μm.There is an availability of integrated normative database only for adult subjects>18 yearsbut the  normal reference ranges of (retinal nerve fibre layer) RNFL thickness in paediatric population for comparison is lacking. With this background in mind the present study was undertaken .Materials and methods :340 eyes of 170  children  between 5 to 17 years of age were recruited for  study . Full ophthalmic examination was done including  vision assessment , cycloplegic refraction, fundus examination, intraocular pressure measurement ,assessment of ocular motility and alignment.RNFL measurements were obtained through dilated pupils using  Cirrus HD OCT.

Result :Of 170 children between the age of 5-17 years whowere enrolled for the studythe mean RNFL thickness was 110.81  ± 13.74 in RE and 110.77 ± 12.39  in LE (P Value = 0.954)  .Further mean RNFL thickness of the two eyes was assessed in the 4 quadrants and the difference of RNFL  thickness in 4 quadrants was statistically significant in BE(P value=0.0001) .

Conclusion :The normative data values of RNFL thickness in children is helpful in comparing the RNFL thickness of children having glaucoma or other Retinal or Optic nerve diseases .

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