Heart Rate Variability and Acute Musical Auditory Stimulation

Rayana Loch Gomes, Luana Almeida Gonzaga, Joana Zambrano Chambrone, Luiz Carlos Marques Vanderlei, Vitor Engrácia Valenti


INTRODUCTION: It was observed that auditory stimulation with music influences the cardiovascular system. In this study, we described the relationship between musical auditory stimulation and heart rate variability (HR). METHOD: Searches were performed with the Medline, SciELO, Lilacs and Cochrane databases using the following keywords: "Music," "autonomic nervous system", "sympathetic nervous system", "parasympathetic nervous system", "heart rate" and "ECG". RESULTS: Some studies showed that relaxant music acutely increase HRV through spectral analysis, while others reported that exciting music reduces global HRV. CONCLUSION: Music present acute responses that may be different depending on the style.


Autonomic nervous system; Cardiovascular physiology; Hearing

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