Covid-19 and the Cardiologist : Drug Therapeutic Options

Salvatore Patanè


The emerging novel coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19) represents a global challenge and a crucial query concerns its prevention and treatment. Signs of severe myocardial damage can present closely related to the severity of the disease and even the prognosis and several mechanisms related to cardiovascular involvement has been postulated. At present, there is no definite and effective treatment but research has demonstrated that cytokine storm is an important factor leading to the light-to-severe transition of COVID-19 patients and that preventing and combatting cytokine storms is mandatory for clinicians focusing attention to several proven drug target of crucial importance in viral life-cycle and in its deleterious consequences. Research has called attention to several proven drug target and new findings are ongoing. The use of verified repurposed drugs remains as an important opportunity of treatment although it will require certainly further evaluation as well as further studies are needed about new therapies. Cardiologists should be aware of the risk of COVID-19 drug effects, interactions and toxicities as well of the current precautions and opportunities. Worldwide there is a great expectancy of a vaccine. Several clinical trials have already been conducted or are currently ongoing evaluating drugs and it will be important to helping treat COVID-19 patients. The world is desperately waiting for an effective and safe therapy for Covid-19 in the hope that an equally effective and safe vaccine will soon arrive.


COVID-19; SARS-CoV-2, Therapy

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