Understanding the Influence of Oxidative Stress and Physical Exercise in the Relationship Between Blood Pressure and Uric Acid

André Mourão Jacomini, Anderson Saranz Zago


Due to the high incidence and prevalence of hypertension, especially in the elderly population, several studies have been developed to understand the relationship between etiological factors and blood pressure control. It has been demonstrated that hypertensive patients tend to present a status of hyperuricemia. This result suggested that there is a relationship between blood pressure and uric acid concentrations. However there is still a lack of studies that focus on this relationship, and especially how physical exercise could affect the relationship between both of them. Thus, the purpose of this study is to review and discuss the relationship between hypertension and uric acid concentration pointing the oxidative stress as the main factor of this relationship and discuss the physical exercise as the main preventive factor of high uric acid concentrations and oxidative stress. It has been described an increase in oxidative stress during the uric acid pathway because the high production of anions superoxide. This in turn, increases the activation of renin-angiotensin system and decreases nitric oxide bioavailability which will compromise the vasodilatation mechanism. However physical exercises have been associated with improvements in antioxidant capacity and nitric oxide production and bioavailability which will improve the blood pressure control.


Blood pressure; Uric acid; Oxidative stress; Physical exercise

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