Purtscher Retinopathy and Fat Embolism Syndrome

Çağrı İlhan


Purtscher retinopathy and fat embolism syndrome are chorioretinopathies occurred after indirect ocular trauma. These diseases look like similar conditions but there are important differences which are help to differential diagnosis. In general, trauma is responsible from these diseases; but crush trauma play role in Purtscher retinopathy, while bone fracture play role in fat embolism syndrome. Retinal whitening is dominant funduscopic finding in these diseases; but whitening is wide and centrally in Purtscher retinopathy, while it is smaller and located more peripherally in fat embolism syndrome. These clinical findings associated with Purtscher retinopathy and fat embolism syndrome, resolve spontaneously in weeks or months but permanent visual loss can be seen in survivors. In this manuscript, we aimed to give general information about emergence and clinical course and differentiation of Purtscher retinopathy and fat embolism syndrome.

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