Bibliometric Analysis of the top 50 Most-cited Articles of Esophagus Cancer

Idriss H. Musa, Taha H. Musa, Hassan H. Musa, Reem M.H. Balila, Mahamed E. Ahmed


A wealth of articles were published on Esophagus Cancer (EC) indexed in many databases in the world. But there is no comprehensive bibliometric analysis to summarized EC research. The study aimed to identify and provide a practical summary of the 50 most influential articles written on EC. Top 50 article search was conducted in July 2020 using MesH database of medical subject headings of the US National Library of Medicine. Data were evaluated based on the title, trends, citations report, authorship, countries/regions, organizations, and journals. The retrieved data were analyzed using, HistCite, VOSviewer 1.6.10 and R-package. The top 50 articles include 31(62%) full research paper, 10(20%) proceedings, and 9 (18%) review articles. The most cited articles were published between 1961 and 2019, with citation ranging from 329 to 2283. The majority of articles originated from the United States (60%), Germany (21%), Japan (10%), and China (10%). The National Cancer Institute and the University of Washington were the most productive institutions. Blot WJ, and Vaughan TL, were the most prolific author. Most articles were published by the New England Journal of Medicine, followed by Gastroenterology and Journal of Clinical Oncology. The top three co-cited journals were the Gastroenterology, Cancer Research and American Journal of Gastroenterology, and International Journal of Cancer. We identified the top 50 most-cited articles and hosted keywords used in EC, in addition to the most productive authors, institution, and countries that provided a systematic overview of research and information that may offer deep insights into the study in the medical field and policymaker to prioritizing future research efforts in EC research.

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