Articular wear patterns observed in hip arthroscopic patients across early disease states. A retrospective cohort study

Alexander Neale Eagles, Sharon Kermeci, Dale I Lovell, Christopher KTG Erian, Patrick CL Weinrauch


Aim: The aim of this study was to retrospectively analysis intraoperative hip arthroscopic data to observe acetabular, femoral and labral pathology irrespective of hip arthroscopic indication.

Methods: This study represents the largest single retrospective study of 1127 patients between 2008 and 2013. 37.53 years (SD+/- 13.74) with an age range of 12-82.

Results: Localisation of acetabular chondral pathology was widely variable with locations C1 and D1 representing the most common regions of damage. Femoral chondral pathology was reasonably evenly distributed with slight predominance at locates C and D. Labral tears predominated in locations C and D. The femoral articular damage was predominantly grade 1, the acetabular articular damage was fairly evenly distributed.

Discussion: Large proportions of wear where observed at the peripheral superior and anterior regions of the lunate surface of the acetabulum in keeping with previous research. However, a large proportion of the wear occurred in the more central regions less consistent with previous research. Our data did not reflect previous research that noted grade 4 acetabular damage frequently extending into superior posterior zones. The superior and anterior regions (C & D) were the predominate areas for labral tears identified within our population group.

Key Words: Acetabular wear patterns, femoral head wear patterns, hip joint, arthroscopy

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