What We Learn From Current Cardiology: Look at the Risk Factors

Aurelio Leone


This is an extensive review about the risk factors for cardiovascular disease, according to the continuous progress reported in literature.Cardiovascular risk factors show a clear evidence of increased risk of cardiovascular disease, particularly in the coronary arteries and cerebral circulation, with different results, which depend on the fact that they may act isolated or combined together. Some of them like cigarette smoking, hypertension, altered lipid and glucose profile, obesity and sedentary life are believed to be major cardiovascular risk factors and, therefore, efforts should be conducted in an attempt to control and modify their potentially adverse effects. There is evidence that preventive measures may act in this way improving cardiovascular system health and reducing the incidence of cardiovascular events in both developed and developing countries as always more current papers undoubtedly show.


Cardiovascular risk factor; Etiologic factor; Epidemiology; Prevention; Physical activity

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