Vol 3, No 1 (2016)

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Current and Controversial Features of Cardiovascular Damage from Cigarette Smoking PDF HTML
Aurelio Leone 469-472
Exercise Training in Heart Failure, Clinical Evidences and Areas of Uncertainty PDF HTML
Giuseppe Caminiti, Chiara Fossati, Daniela Battaglia, Serena Selli, Deborah Fortuna, Maurizio Volterrani 473-482
Neurotrophic Factors and Heart Diseases PDF HTML
Patricia Massara Martinelli, Elizabeth Ribeiro da Silva Camargos 483-491
The Biomarker Utility in Risk Stratification in an Ambulatory Heart Failure: ST2 or Galectin-3? PDF HTML
Alexander Berezin 492-494

Original Article

Systemic Inflammation after Transradial Coronary Angiogram: Statistically (But Not Clinically) Significant? PDF HTML
Mariama Akodad, Florence Hammer, Sylvain Aguilhon, Jean-Paul Cristol, Florence Leclercq, Jean-Christophe Macia, Richard Gervasoni, Benoit Lattuca, Anne-Marie Dupuy, François Roubille 495-499

Case Report

A Painful Sleep Apnea PDF HTML
Sofia Morra, François Bughin, Kamila Solecki, François Roubille 500-503

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