Dietary Management of Diabetes Mellitus with Focus on Nigeria

Nwawuba Stanley Udogadi, Nwozo Sarah Onyenibe, Mohammed Khadija Abdullahi


Nutrition/Diet remains a key player in diabetes prevention and management, and rightly so, one of the focuses of international diabetes federation centers on healthy eating as a key factor in the management of type-1-diabetes, the prevention of type 2 diabetes and other related complications. Importantly, knowledge of the glycemic index (GI) of food types is essential for rational advice on calorie recommendation, and the quality of dietary fats and carbohydrates consumed is more crucial than the quantity of these macronutrients. In this light, of course, evidences from prospective observational studies, clinical trials and experimental findings have demonstrated the crucial role of dietary approach in the management of diabetes mellitus and regardless of the evident role of dietary approach, studies still revealed a low adherence to dietary recommendation among diabetic patients in Africa. Thus, this review aims to explore this issue.

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