knowledge, Attitude and Practice Regarding Foot Care Among Diabetic Patients Who Visited Health Centers In Khartoum State, Sudan, 2018

alafraa Ahmed Mohammed, Elfatih M. MaliK


AIM: Foot care received little attention from medical doctors who are concentrating on therapeutic and diagnostic measures more than education of patients and preventive aspects.The aim of this study was to assess knowledge, attitude and practice regarding foot care among Sudanese diabetic patients.

MATERIALS and METHODS: In this multi-central cross-sectional study, 270 diabetic patients interviewed using a questionnaire containing qualitative and quantitative aspects after taking verbal consent. Data has been analysed using SPSS software version 20.

RESULTS: Overall, 176 (65.2%) women and 94 (34.8%) men were included. The mean (SD) age in years was 57 (11.6). A total of 219 (81.1%) have educational level below university level. Those who have knowledge about foot care constitute 151 (55.9%) with different response to knowledge measures. The source of information was medical staff in 95 (63%) of patients. Regarding attitude, 257 patients (95.2%) were aware about foot care, and they considered it as a preventable method from foot complication. On the other hand, 158 patients (58.5%) have poor practice. There are highly significant association between educational level and knowledge (< 0.001), educational level and practice (0.012) and between knowledge and practice (0.001).

Conclusion: These results supported the view that education and trained health care providers have a role in increasing the awareness of diabetic patients about foot care.


Knowledge; Attitude; Practice; Diabetes; Foot care

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