Use of Natural Killer Cells for Acute Leukemia Patients

Giovanni Fernando Torelli


The management of acute leukemia has witnessed profound changes in recent years. The anti-leukemic potential of Natural Killer (NK) cells has raised considerable interest for the design of new therapeutic approaches based on the infusion of freshly-isolated or ex vivo manipulated effectors. Several points need to be addressed for the design of optimal protocols of NK infusion, including which disease can benefit most, the optimal timing during the course of the disease, the best preparative regimen and the origin of NK cells. This review aims at summarizing the biological and clinical data on the role played by NK cells in patients with acute leukemia; in addition, optimal good manufacturing practice compliant protocols for ex vivo expansion and activation of these effector cells are discussed.


Anti-leukemic activity of NK cells; Ex vivo manipulation of NK cells; GMP protocols

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