Beneficial Efficacy of Aloe Vera to Viral Infections: Case Reports of Kampo Medicine With Aloe Vera Juice

Akira Yagi, Megumi Hasegawa, Suzuka Ataka


We discussed evident effects of aloe-emodin and aloe polysaccharide on the therapy of viral infections and epigenetic factor butyrate that is involved in latency and reactivation in viral infection. Furthermore we presented eight case reports of Kampo medicine with Aloe vera juice (AVJ) to virus infections. Kampo medicine with AVJ-successive ingestion demonstrates to be suitably personalized medicine for virus infections and improves gut-microbial ecosystem in host. The potential Kampo medicine with AVJ may provide fresh insights as an anti-virus medicine for homeostatic regulation in host.


Antiviral infection; Aloe-emodin; Epigenetic butyrate; case reports; Kampo medicine; Aloe vera juice ingestion

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