A Presentation of a Follicular Lymphoma Incidentally Found in the Duodenum

Herman Suga, Yaser Khalid, Neethi Dasu, Kirti Dasu, Drew Chiesa, Hui Li


Duodenal lymphomas are considered a rare etiology in the GI tract and are found incidentally in around one out of every 5000 esophagogastroduodenoscopies. These tumors are distinct from nodal follicular lymphomas but share some morphologic, immunochemical, and histological features. Further staging is performed via CT scan, PET scan for classification of the tumor burden of the disease. We present a case report of a healthy 63 year old male who was found to have an indolent variant of the follicular lymphoma classified as stage 1E follicular lymphoma. This disease process is generally benign and usually confers a good overall prognosis. Follicular duodenal lymphomas were further classified in 2016 by the World health organization; as these tumors have increased in incidence due to advancing techniques in endoscopies and determining whether or not treatment options are needed for these tumorswhich have excellent outcomes. Our case highlights that a watchful wait approach can be a good option for patients who do not present with concerns of systemicdisease.


Antiviral infection; Aloe-emodin; Epigenetic butyrate; case reports; Kampo medicine; Aloe vera juice ingestion

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